Community Development Project

Our long term ‘community engagement’ program ‘Prangan’ will be set up in village Champawat of Uttarakhand with the aim to engage the adolescents from government schools.  The vision to ultimately set up a democratic learning space that caters to the youth, as well as the local community. 
It is currently in the development stage, due to COVID.

Fellowship Program

Arts Based Training Program

We’re also working towards a year-long fellowship program for young artists and art enthusiasts from communities struggling with issues of access. This will be an opportunity where fellows will learn facilitation skills through their art and will get a community space for exploration and experimentation. The vision is to create spaces where the adolescents can design their own curriculum with the help of facilitators and mentors and learn life skills through SEL tools and arts-based pedagogies.

‘A dialogue with your core’

Applied Arts Modules

We’ve been working on stress and mental wellbeing of adults in the pandemic through a 4 day workshop ‘A dialogue with you core’ where we explore, where we are struggling and feeling stuck through the tool of Theatre and Expressive arts. Art helps us to look at these issues on a deeper level by opening up possibilities for multiple perspectives coming together.

Forum Development Project

Applied Arts Program

Our Forum Theatre project is currently attempting to unpack and problematize popular notions of ‘safety for women’, in order to re-imagine interventions applicable to the virtual space.  Forum Theatre is a  technique of Theatre of the Oppressed (TO), where a problem is shown in an unsolved form. The ‘spect-actors’ are the real stakeholders of the unsolved problem. After the performance, the audience becomes ‘spect-actors’ and has a chance to try out their interventions live.

What else?

We also work with different age groups, demographics on wellbeing and other issues through short term workshops and engagements. We will continue doing such workshops with Schools, NGOs and Self Help Groups and other suitable stakeholders on above issues, through arts based facilitation methods.

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