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About Us

Our Vision is Rang Karwan is to work towards a world without oppression where humans are aware emotionally, politically and socially.


Our mission is to create collaborative and exploratory spaces for community members to learn about self and determine community solutions.  We build opportunities to engage in artistic, and collaborative spaces that will encourage communities (especially adolescents and youth) to come together to build and share the process of knowledge creation and exploration. We honour the process above the results, and trust communities to know what they need most.

About Us: About

The "How"

We use the pedagogy of Paulo Freire where he replaces conventional education with a “problem-posing model” that makes people more equal. It presents communities with worldly problems that relate to their lives and pushes them to analyze how and why those problems exist. This model directly combats oppression by empowering people to question their conditions, and by encouraging dialogue.

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Our Story

I attended a workshop on Theater of the Oppressed (T.O.) and it changed the idea of working with a community. The more I started using arts-based pedagogies, the more I could see the community/participants opening up, taking agency, getting in dialogue with each other and co-creating a space for everyone. Slowly I started working around themes surrounding power, gender, sexuality, self-directed learning and mental wellbeing.

The idea to work with children / youth using art as a pedagogy and to work around issues they experience was supported by NavGurukul and it later became the pilot project for Rang Kaarwaan.


Founder & Artistic Director

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