About Us

Our Vision is to increase access to empathetic spaces for expression.

Our mission is to build opportunities to engage in artistic, and collaborative spaces that will encourage communities (especially adolescents and youth) to come together to build and share the process of knowledge creation and exploration.


The "Why"

In this result-oriented and competitive world, our educational institutions lack social-emotional learning and life skills. Hence we find anxiety and under-confidence in today’s youth. We, as a society, also stigmatize issues and we fear to speak against oppression and often internalize it. To work on this, there is a large need for non-judgemental and inclusive spaces for learning and self-expression to be able to deeply understand the relationship between yourself, your immediate surroundings, and the world at large.

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Our Story

I attended a workshop on Theater of the Oppressed (T.O.) and it changed the idea of working with a community. The more I started using arts-based pedagogies, the more I could see the community/participants opening up, taking agency, getting in dialogue with each other and co-creating a space for everyone. Slowly I started working around themes surrounding power, gender, sexuality, self-directed learning and mental wellbeing.

The idea to work with children / youth using art as a pedagogy and to work around issues they experience was supported by NavGurukul and it later became the pilot project for Rang Kaarwaan.


Founder & Artistic Director