Our Team


Vandana Asha

Founder & Artistic Director

Vandana is an applied theatre practitioner and founder of Rang Karwan. She is a Journalist by education and an artist by birth. With her passion being music and dance since childhood, she enjoys working with adolescents and youth. Her interests and practice lies in creating spaces for communities and using arts in learning and pedagogy. She also believes and practices a minimalist and sustainable lifestyle.

Ashima Vishnoi

Facilitator & Collaborator

An educator and applied theatre practitioner, Ashima has been working for last seven years with art based pedagogies to create collective learning spaces for critical inquiry and collaborative reflections and resolutions. A theatre artist herself she has acted in many plays, a short art film and co-creates process based performances.



Manager & Facilitator

Shubham is a curious soul who enjoys making crazy conversations with random people. He loves observing children and waving them ‘Hi’ if they catch him. He is an art enthusiast always keen for learning new skill, like gardening, cooking and upcycling. He has done his B.Ed from the Department of Education, DU and is committed to creating Democratic learning spaces for communities in villages.


Arts Based Facilitator & Advisor

 Devika is an arts practitioner, educator and facilitator based out of Delhi, who works with children and young people in community and educational settings, with the intention of exploring, understanding and creating compassionate spaces. She is primarily associated with Aagaaz Theatre Trust. Devika is interested in understanding how arts pedagogy can be used in diverse spaces to facilitate a better awareness of self, leading to more deliberate and conscious action. She likes to spend her time scheduling, organising, drawing fish, running purposelessly and questioning personal belief systems, while drinking coffee.

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Akhila Khanna

T.O Facilitator & Advisor

Akhila is an applied theatre practitioner from Delhi. With a passion for playing a game whenever possible, she designs and facilitates theatre-based interventions for corporates, government bodies, non-profits, schools and universities in India and the U.S.  Akhila's practice - which she blogs about like a mad person - stems from her training in the Theatre of the Oppressed methodology. She currently works for Black Box Okhla and has a BA in theatre from Middlebury College

Vinay Kumar

Facilitator & Advisor

Vinay Kumar is a theatre facilitator who works with children in educational settings on health, nutrition, behavioural goals and communication. He is journalist by qualification and is a recipient of the Gandhi Fellowship, an intensive residential journey that equips aspiring change leaders with the mindset, attitude and skills needed to cause large scale social change.

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Vajid Ali

Psychology Specialist & Advisor

Vajid Ali, is a theater artist and psychology practitioner. He has facilitated many theatrical workshops and directed plays and performances on several social issues in schools, colleges, universities and some mental health organizations. A graduate in Psychology from Banaras Hindu University, he has worked at the intersection of mental health and theatre. In addition to that, Vajid has been mentored by some critically acclaimed theatre artists, and has participated in several workshops by The National School of Drama.